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Save This Phone Number For The Next Time You Need Food Assistance

The next time your kitchen runs dry, and you need emergency food assistance, call this phone number to save the day.


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If you’ve never gone hungry in the past, think of this scenario: You lose your job and run out of cash. All of your credit cards are maxed out. Before you know it, you no longer have any food in your fridge.
It’s not a pleasant thought, but it’s a reality for many families. And if you ever got to the point where you no longer had food in your home, you’d have to call somebody for help.
Could a family member, friend, or neighbor help you out? Probably, but it’s likely they have issues of their own. And whatever help they did give you, could be very temporary.
What’s another option besides asking for help from people you know? Call a hotline that was created by the United States Department of Agriculture specifically for such situations.

The USDA National Hunger Hotline

Should you ever need emergency food assistance, you can thank the USDA National Hunger Clearinghouse for this hotline. Within seconds of dialing 866-3-HUNGRY on your phone, you can connect with a representative who has expertise in finding food for families in need.
The hotline functions in Spanish as well by calling 877-8-HAMBRE. Both lines function between 7 am and 10 pm, Monday through Friday.
If you don’t want to call the hotline for some reason, you can text them instead. Text 97779 to the number with your food-related question. Provided your query contains a keyword like “meals” or “food,” you’ll get an automated response that can offer the food assistance info you need.
Unlike applying for SNAP food stamps or WIC benefits, the National Hunger Hotline offers nutritional help regardless of why you’re hungry. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to pass an income test or a lengthy application process to get food.


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When you call the hotline, they won’t care why you are having issues buying food. Maybe you just lost your job. Perhaps you had a family emergency that put your finances in a bid. Or maybe you mismanaged your funds and now find yourself in a pickle.
No matter the reason, the representative you speak with can connect you with some form of short-term food relief before starvation enters the picture.
While the reason you lack food doesn’t matter when calling the National Hunger Hotline, neither does your citizenship status. Just call, and you can get the help you need.
As for what types of food assistance are available, that will depend on your location. Generally, you can find short-term nutrition solutions such as soup kitchens. There may also be food pantries in your area, or churches and other organizations that help people with this issue.
If you find that you are always having issues with the affordability of food, it may be useful to apply for a longer-term solution, such as SNAP or WIC. When calling the hotline, be sure to ask the representative about all of the available options.

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